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General Meeting, Tuesday, January 3rd

Posted: Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Just a quick reminder! Our January General Meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night at the Long Ridge Tavern at 7:30PM (Tuesday, January 3rd)

Reminder! Please park behind the restaurant. Ira, the owner, is great with us using the location but we need to park in the back and leave the parking spots in the front main lot for restaurant guests.

We hope to see you there



Bulk Ticket Information

Posted: Thursday, December 1st, 2016
Hello RHSC Members!
CSC bulk tickets/vouchers will be available at the next upcoming RHSC meeting on Tuesday December 6!  If you cannot attend the meeting, please call/contact Bob Hener to coordinate a time/place/means for picking up your tickets.
Bob’s Contact Information is:
Bob Hener
203 375 3942


Thanks everyone!
Rod Cross
River Hills Ski Club, President

RHSC Holiday Party Details

Posted: Thursday, December 1st, 2016
Details for RHS Holiday Celebration
RHSC Holiday Party! December 15th!
Hello RHSC Members,
We hope to see you at the RHSC Annual Holiday Party! Thank you to John and Kelly Swingler for hosting the event at their home.
Here are the details:
DATE:         Thursday, 12/15/16
TIME:          7:00-9:30PM
PLACE:        264 E. Hunting Ridge Rd., Stamford, CT – (203) 322-0588
BRING:        BYOB & Appetizer
ATTIRE:       Entrance ticket is wearing a crazy Christmas decoration or ugly Christmas jersey/sweater.
As part of our celebration, we will be collecting non-perishable food items for a local Homeless Shelter.  If you would like to participate, please bring your donations to the party.
This party will be added to the RHSC Website as well.
Look forward to seeing everyone there!
Terri Sullivan
Communications, River Hills Ski Club

Coordinator Training Webinar Scheduled for 12/12 at 8PM

Posted: Tuesday, November 29th, 2016
Are you trained to be a coordinator?
RHSC Coordinator Training Webinar – Dec 12th
Hello RHSC Members,
Please mark your calendar for the RHSC Coordinator Training Webinar on December 12th at 8PM ET.
Remember…to be a weekend Coordinator or go to the house on your own, you must complete this training which includes opening, closing and emergency procedures for the lodge.
Please click here to register for the training and get webinar information:
If you have additional questions, please contact Sharon Lehr at shar203@yahoo.com.
Terri Sullivan
Communications, River Hills Ski Club

New Mattresses are in!

Posted: Thursday, November 10th, 2016
Hello RHSC Members!
Great news!
The new Sealy Mattresses are delivered and installed at the lodge! I went up yesterday and met the delivery crew.
In with the new, out with the tired and old. Sweet dreams and restful nights to be had by all.
Thank you to everyone involved with this project!
Looking forward to seeing everyone up at the lodge this season!
Rod Cross
River Hills Ski Club, President
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College Week at Killington!

Posted: Tuesday, November 8th, 2016
Calling all RHSC College Members!
January 4 – 13 is College Week at Killington!  Killington plans special events for College Students and area businesses have college discounts.   RHSC is joining in the fun this year by offering Adult Member Rate pricing for any of your friends that are College Students ($20 midweek and $50 weekend). 
·         There needs to be an Adult Member sponsor in house during that time.
o   Sheila Evers will be up there Jan. 4 – 8 and will sponsor you and your friends
o   If you want to go Jan. 8 – 13, you need a sponsor.
·         All rules still apply
o   No underage drinking
o   Everyone will have duties
o   Everyone must clean up after themselves, especially in the kitchen
o   Weekend Cancellation fee schedule is in effect (9+ days prior – no fee; 3-8 days prior – $25; 2 days or less – $50) only applies to the weekend not midweek reservations
·         If enough people sign up we may hire the cooks and dishwasher to help out midweek
So come enjoy your Winter Break on the Mountain with your friends!

November General Meeting, Tuesday, November 1st

Posted: Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Come join us at Long Ridge Tavern for our General Meeting!

Attend the Snow Ball!

Posted: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016


Come join us at the Snow Ball on November 12th at 8PM.

See flyer at link below!


BULK TICKETS – One Last Chance – November 22nd Deadline

Posted: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016
Hello All Riverhillers

There were many members who didn’t make the cut-off for submitting the upcoming seasons bulk ticket orders, so I asked (and probably many other clubs) and in my mail box this morning was the following:


Please read carefully and observe the time submittal cutoffs dates.

Anyone who wants to order more tickets can do so for the SOUTHERN TIER AREAS only!   The rates are the same as the first order submittal.  Use the same order form that is posted on our club website!   Remember this is for the SOUTHERN TIER AREAS only! 
CT Ski Council Bulk Ticket Voucher Order Forms  are posted online on the RHSC website at


When:  Your orders MUST be in the hands of Kathy & Bob Hener by sundown TUESDAY,NOVEMBER 22…………mail or hand in your orders to:

Kathy and Bob Hener
470 Stratford Road, Stratford, CT 06615 (in Lordship)

Phone: 203-375-3942

Please email us if you are interested. This is a very busy time of year for us and I can start the paperwork ahead of my cut off time for submitting to the CSC.  Thank you!

Note Kath’s office in Stamford is relocating.  In the past that has been a convenient drop off point.  The move is scheduled for the same time as the due date SO her office will not be available as a drop off/collection point

Make your check for the tickets out to “RHSC”.
Remember: there is no guarantee that unused tickets will be eligible for refunds or credits.  All sales are subject to the rules and regulations of the CSC ticket sales program!  Rules of the program are noted on the bulk ticket order form.
“This bulk ticket program is intended only for use of bona fide members of the Connecticut Ski Council and immediate family. Ticket guidelines will be strictly adhered to in order to maintain the integrity of this program. Bulk tickets will only be sold to CSC ski clubs with proper identification.  Distribution of these tickets through other avenues will result in forfeiture of this bulk ticket program and other future programs. These tickets are good for the 2016 – 2017 ski season and a percentage of unused tickets may be returned for credit toward the purchase of bulk tickets for the 2017-2018 ski season.”
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.


A second SECOND CHANCE.  If you are interested in tickets for SUNDAY RIVER or SUGARLOAF you must contact me IMMEDIATELY!  This is a rush rush deal the CSC just posted!  Call us or email us immediately, don’t hesitate!

Kathy and Bob Hener

Mattress Selection Letter

Posted: Saturday, October 8th, 2016
Dear RHSC Members,
As a follow up to the September general meeting and the vote for the purchase of new mattresses for the Lodge, we are asking all members to participate in the selection process.
After reviewing many mattresses, the board has narrowed it down to four options. At the bottom of this email, you will be asked to click on the link and submit your vote by Friday, October 14th at 5PM.
We will address all questions on the topic at the next general meeting which will be Tuesday, October 11th at 7:30 at the Long Ridge Tavern in Stamford.
Here are some important details to consider while casting your vote:
1. All the pertinent information on the mattress options is provided on a spreadsheet on this link: http://www.riverhillsskiclub.org/mattress-options-rhsc-10-8-r1/
2. Since the beds at the lodge are used less than 30% of the time versus the typical use of a mattress, the beds will last much longer than the warranties listed.
3. These beds have been tested by multiple members and board members and are different types at different price points.
4. Per the general meeting, mattresses were approved with a budget of up to $12,000 with up to $6k coming from the club budget and up to $6k coming from membership in the form of a small assessment. (Please attend Tuesday’s meeting for more details)
Please click here to cast your vote:
Thank you to those that collected the quotes and did the research!
See you at the General Meeting on Tuesday.
Have a great weekend.
Rod Cross, President