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RHSC – Get Ready for Winter

Posted: Thursday, April 9th, 2020
River Hills,

Winter is definitely here….   Killington is open and the cold weather is rolling in!

Two key things….  First, to the 50+ River Hills members that joined the November meeting, Thank You for making our first “Virtual” meeting a great success. Sheila (a new board member this year) and Stephanie did an excellent job with the Coordinator training, we covered a ton of critical information in a very quick time and the team has created a model that highlights our objective of making the club more accessible to all. The session was recorded, presentation will be posted and many of you are now trained for the season!  If you missed the session and would like to access the training off-line, please reply to this email and we will send you the link.

In conjunction with the Coordinator training, I would like to make a special call out to two of our other new Board members…  Jenn Freeda for the fabulous job in driving our member renewal process, I think you will agree, the new on-line sign-up was both quick and simple, what you likely don’t see is how that work has created a framework for an up to date system behind the scenes. That framework includes being the foundation for our new Coordinator report. This brings us to Alex Breslin-Johnson, Alex has done an amazing job helping us transform the Coordinator report… Not only is it simpler to use for our weekend coordinators, it will also more accurately capture and track the lodge usage and revenue. This is a critical step in insuring our club’s long term viability and success… Please join me in Thanking both Jenn and Alex!

Second item, The FIS Women’s World Cup is coming to Killington for the weekend after Thanksgiving. This is always a great event and awesome weekend. River Hills will use the World Cup weekend as an opportunity to warm up the Lodge for another great season. Thanks to John Ridgeway (another new board member), and his loyal band of RH Helpers, we have completed 3 successful work weekends and the lodge into excellent shape!  We are also excited to his will introduce our new cook, Molly Grace. She will be making us dinner on Saturday night of World Cup, as we are still in off-season, we will be charging a $10 surcharge for the weekend. Please join us in welcoming Molly, enjoy a fabulous meal and exciting event!  We currently have 25 folks signed up for the weekend, we would love to fill the house, make sure to get your reservation in!

As encouragement to all, in addition to great early season skiing, Killington will be having Fireworks, Great Music and the Best Women Skiers in the world.  Click here for Spectator Information and/or check out Killington’s website.

See you at Killington… Think Snow and lots of Cold Weather!


p.s.  The Snow Makers are taking a cue from the Miracle on ice!  Great Moments come from Great Opportunities.. Check it info below for some fun. 
Elevate Your World Cup Experience Enjoy a premium view of the races with ticket options from a variety of enhanced viewing locations. Grandstand, Premier Grandstand, Finish Pavilion and VIP Tickets are still available. Make it a weekend to remember!

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In Winter We Trust,
Brendan Myers
Supreme Leader of the River Hills Ski Club Communications
Brendan.Myers119@gmail.com – (845) 642-8992                       

Latest River Hills COVID-19 response

Posted: Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Dear River Hills,  Who would have imagined how quickly our world could change?  Just over a week ago I was skiing and now we are all in virtual lockdown!  I trust that all of you are coping well with these continued and escalating Corona associated trends. These are definitely challenging times, please do take care of yourselves and stay safe/sane!   If you haven’t seen the latest from Killington, the Resort operations are suspended until further notice. In response, River Hills will be extending the cancelation of existing reservations through the weekend of April 11, we will continue to assess the situation and will make decisions, on possible extension, based on the best information available.   That said, we have other important work that needs to be done. 

  • Return remaining Bulk tickets.  
  • CSC has been in touch with the ski resorts and has requested an increase in the allowable percentage of tickets we return for credit. Some resorts seem ready to allow full credit for all returns, a few are still deciding.  As you know, there is never a guarantee, so keep your fingers crossed and CSC will notify us of the final outcome.  
  • In the meantime, please gather your tickets and forward to Susan Brown by April 25th @ 170 Pemburn Dr, Fairfield CT 06824
  • If you have tickets in your bin at the lodge, please reply directly and let us know. We will be taking one trip up to the lodge to complete the closing procedures for possibility that this extends through the end of spring.  We would likely do this in the next week, so contact us ASAP if you need us to gather material from your bin.
  • Attend our Virtual member meeting April 7th at 7:30.  
  • We will be having our next RHSC membership meeting in 2 weeks. The nominating committee will be sharing their recommended executive board slate at this meeting, you will also have the opportunity to nominate from the floor.  If you have thoughts on the executive leadership (Pres, VP, Treasurer, Secty), please reach out directly to the nominating committee (Sam GenMarli PinochetGreg Gibson and Aileen Cahill).  
  • This next meeting will be by WebEx (same as our previous virtual sessions), we will be fully leveraging technology to apply the appropriate Social Distancing.  Please feel free to bring your own cocktails and appetizers! 

As I shared in the last email, we will continue to monitor and will strive to overcommunicate in the case that further action is required.

If you have any question, please feel free to call me directly, (914) 805-9066.