In Memoriam

Charles Fischer

Charlie Fischer

Charles Fischer will always be “Charlie” to those of us who knew him well.  Always a gentleman, with an intelligence showing through in conversation and humor.  As a member of RHSC he was a graceful skier and fast, always making it to the bottom of the hill before the others.

He could ski with the best of the skiers and yet he would often ski with beginners on the Green slopes waiting for them to catch up.

As he was friendly and approachable, Charlie was forever inviting new people to join RHSC. Often new members came from his friends that he sailed with in the summer, saying that they’re still on the water but now it’s just frozen. He invited many people and a number of them were women.  The women that he skied

with began to call themselves “Charlie’s Girls”.  That name stuck and Charlie was the leader of the pack.

For a few seasons there was a group of us from RHSC going to Butternut Ski Basin, MA for the day when we couldn’t get up to the lodge for the weekend. Called the “Butternut Bombers”, we would meet to carpool, ski all day, and stop at a local, usually bad pizza place, on the way home.  After many talks we finally convinced Charlie to stop in Great Barrington, where the food was much better.

As an organizer, Charlie rented canoes in the summer for a group of us to paddle for the day on a lake in New Hampshire. The next day we hiked to the top of Pico, and ended the day talking on the River Hills porch. In case anyone forgot to bring something to relax with, Charlie had his own stash of Scotch in the back basement labeled “Stump Remover”.  Would anyone ever touch that?

Over the years Charlie had many Christmas/Holiday parties at his comfortable, but hard to find house, in the woods of Sandy Hook.  Sometimes a group of us came to decorate. Whatever we did was fine with Charlie being a gracious and relaxed host. We sang Christmas carols and everyone always had a great time at Charlie’s home. There was a real fir wreath he kept up year after year. By the third year we were calling it the golden wreath. We finally convinced him to take it down for fire safety reasons.

At one time he was a program chair-person. Because of his active involvement in skiing and many social activities at RHSC Charlie received the Ken Vought award in 2007.

I for one will miss you Charlie, your special friendship and generosity of spirit.  A card I picked up the other day says it all for me–

One of the good guys


to be forgotten.

 By Judy Paniccia