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Dear River Hills Members,
As the days grow shorter and we begin to turn our gaze from the coastline to the mountains, it means that it’s Renewal Time! Time to renew our commitment to the Club that has given us so many special memories with our families and friends over the years. Time to conjure up images of sitting at the Lodge in front of the warm fire as the snow falls gently outside, bringing promises of powdery slopes tomorrow. As my own children are now adults, and our times together at the Lodge get harder to plan, I know they still feel the pull of River Hills and Killington. They are both nostalgic of the past and excited to make new memories there, they love sharing their Vermont home with their friends. This year we hope to see all our members come back to their home in Killington.
The 2022-2023 season is a return to normal operations without restrictions. We will begin the search for a Chef and dishwasher but will continue with the model we used last year, as staffing remains an issue in Killington.
This year you will be able to pay your dues using Zelle. Once Jenn Freeda sends you your invoice you can remit your payment to our Zelle account using the our email address, Or you can send your check to Jenn, the same as always. Details will be on the invoice she sends you.
Once again, the Board took into consideration our current financial state, inflation, rising food and heating oil prices and lower lodge usage last season. We remain fiscally strong and want to continue to be so, we have made very small increases to our dues and most lodge rates remained the same with the exception of the Mid-week adult rates because those were not increased last year.

Annual Dues –

  • Individual/Single Parent Family – $390 (includes voucher valued at $65)
  • Family – $730 (includes 2 vouchers valued at $130)
  • Under 30 – $220 (no voucher)

Usage Fees –

  • Adult Member weekend rate: $65
  • Child Member weekend rate: $35
  • Adult Guest weekend rate: $130
  • Child Guest weekend rate: $65
  • Mid-week Adult Member: $30 ($5 increase)
  • Mid-week Child Member: $15
  • Mid-week Adult Guest: $55 ($5 increase)
  • Mid-week Child Guest: $30

Season Dates – Will stay the same as last year

  • Season Start – the Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Season End – April 15

We will continue to provide Saturday Night dinners as we look to hire a chef and dishwasher.

This Club works so well because our members are dedicated to it. As part of your membership you are required to attend one of our work weekends. Please plan on attending October 7-9 or October 14-16. The renewal form will also ask you about other areas were you would like to volunteer, please fill this section out as we will be looking for help from our members to keep things running smoothly.
If you wish to discuss your membership status and/or need to make alternate arrangements, please contact Jenn Freeda at or (203) 952-3296. You are always welcome to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at, or (732) 735-8560.
Here’s looking forward to a snowy 2023!
Warm regards,
Sheila Evers

2022/2023 Membership Renewal Form