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2023/24 RHSC Membership Renewal Form Link

Dear River Hills Members,

Wow, summer went by fast! I hope everyone enjoyed their summers, swimming, boating, golfing, tennis, biking, sunbathing, relaxing, or traveling. Whatever your summer passion is, I’m sure you pursued it in true River Hills style, going all in!  It’s hard to believe with this heat that our ski season is just around the corner, that means it’s time to renew your membership to the club. I’m always so excited when I get to tell someone about our club. About how it has 2 living rooms, one with a stone fireplace that always has a roaring fire going, the kitchen activity in the morning with people sharing and helping, our Saturday night dinners, the ping pong and Foosball tables, the kids sledding at night, the Wine Weekend, that I can go up WHENEVER I want to a lovely Vermont Lodge, minutes from world class skiing, but mostly about the great community of people! Need a ski buddy, just ask at breakfast and you will have a plan in minutes. And now I get to tell people about our latest improvement to the club, our new outdoor living space! I can’t wait for you all to see it! Our beautiful pea stone patio at the top of the stairs, where the sun shines; the furniture is all-season and includes a table for eight and six Adirondack chairs. Imagine a sunny spring day when the days are getting longer, you’ve just killed it out on the slope, and you come back to enjoy your beverage of choice, sitting and watching the sunset with your friends and family, knowing inside you will get a warm meal and great conversation in front a blazing fire. Renew now, who doesn’t want that!!

Follow the link to our renewal form, Jenn Freeda will review it and email you an invoice, you can then make a payment using Zelle, it could not be easier!  (We will still accept your written check too.)The Board made a small change to our Adult Member weekend usage of $5 fee to accommodate our dinner costs. We also looked at a fee that has not changed in over 25 years, our inactive fee. Inactive members are still allowed to use the club (at guest rates), and they are still welcome at social events, these are highly valuable privileges that need to be reflected in our inactive fee.  We are making a market adjustment to $100 for a fee that has been neglected for too long.

Annual Dues –

  • Individual/Single Parent Family – $395 (includes voucher valued at $70)
  • Family – $740 (includes 2 vouchers valued at $140)
  • Under 30 – $220 (no voucher)
  • Inactive fee – $100

Usage Fees –

  • Adult Member weekend rate: $70
  • Child Member weekend rate: $35
  • Adult Guest weekend rate: $130
  • Child Guest weekend rate: $70
  • Mid-week Adult Member: $30
  • Mid-week Child Member: $15
  • Mid-week Adult Guest: $55
  • Mid-week Child Guest: $30

Season Dates – remain the same

  • Season Start – the Friday after Thanksgiving (Nov 24th)
  • Season End – April 15
We are also raising our initiation fee, another fee that has not been raised in many, many years.  The new fee will be $600 and we are eliminating the 2-tier structure and having just one fee. This does not affect any of our current members, only new members.

This Club works so well because our members are dedicated to it. As part of your membership, you are required to attend one of our work weekends. Please plan on attending October 6-8 or October 13-15. If you are unable to attend one of those dates, you have the option of paying an Opt-Out Fee of $125 or going up on your own and doing a pre-approved project before November 15th.  If you attended the work weekend in June, you fulfilled your obligation.

The renewal form will also ask you about other areas where you would like to volunteer, please fill this section out as we will be looking for help from our members to keep things running smoothly.If you wish to discuss your membership status and/or need to make alternate arrangements, please contact Jenn Freeda at or (203) 952-3296. You are always welcome to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at, or (732) 735-8560.

Here’s looking forward to a snowy 2024! See you on the slopes!

Warm regards,
Sheila Evers

2023/2024 Membership Renewal Form