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Dear River Hills Members,

It’s Renewal Time! This is the perfect time to remember all that this club has meant to you over the years and to think about the special moments you will have with your family and friends at the Lodge in the coming year(s). Community, fellowship, family, skiing and snowboarding, this is what River Hills is all about!
River Hills will be celebrating its 90th Year in 2022! It’s an incredible milestone but not surprising given how unique and special our club is. We hope to celebrate this achievement throughout the year with several small events at the lodge, culminating with a big party where we welcome members past and present to celebrate the River Hills Ski Club.
As we look to our 2021-2022 season, we do so with the hope that we can operate fully and safely. Right now, we are planning for normal operations but are prepared to make adjustments if needed as this pandemic just doesn’t want to go away. We will reinstitute Saturday night dinners and dishwasher services on the weekends. We will also begin the arduous search for a new chef!
To reiterate what was noted in the “From the Summit” letter, the Board took into consideration our current financial state, predictions of inflation (especially in the areas of heating oil, food and labor), as well as the unpredictability around how the pandemic will affect our upcoming season. We decided to make some small increases to the dues and usage fees to help protect the club financially as we face another season in the midst of a pandemic.
  • Annual Dues – a modest increase of about 5%

    • Individual/Single Parent Family – $20 increase from $355 to $375 (includes voucher valued at $65)
    • Family – $35 increase from $670 to $705 (includes 2 vouchers valued at $130)
    • Under 30 – $10 increase from $200 to $210 (no voucher)
  • Usage Fees – a small increase to our weekend usage fees:

    • Adult Member weekend rate increases $5 from $60 to $65
    • Child Member weekend rate increases $5 from $30 to $35
    • Adult Guest weekend rate increases $10 from $120 to $130
    • Child Guest weekend rate increases $5 from $60 to $65
    • Mid-week rates remain the same
  • Season Dates – As Killington enjoys the longest ski season in the East, we decided that we need to keep in line with Killington’s extended ski season which will also increase our revenue. The River Hills Ski Club will change the beginning and ending dates of its Winter Season.
    • Season Start – the Friday after Thanksgiving
    • Season End – April 15
  • Saturday dinner and weekend dishwashing will begin December 27th and run until the last weekend of March. Before and after these dates, rates will be the same as mid-week rates and you do not have to book for the entire weekend. Breakfast foods will be provided during the extended Winter Season.
This Club works so well because our members are dedicated to it. As part of your membership you are required to attend one of our three annual work weekends. If you didn’t attend the June work weekend, please plan on attending October 1-3 or October 8-10. The renewal form will also ask you about other areas were you would like to volunteer, please fill this section out as we will be looking for help from our members to keep things running smoothly.
It is very important that you renew your membership as soon as possible. Renewals are due no later than October 15, 2021, there will be a $15 penalty assessed for renewals received after that date.
If you wish to discuss your membership status and/or need to make alternate arrangements, please contact Jenn Freeda at or (203) 952-3296. You are always welcome to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at, or (732) 735-8560.
Here’s looking to the next 90 years! Be well, stay safe.
Warm regards,
Sheila Evers
(732) 735-8560

2021/2022 Membership Renewal Form